Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better"
                                     -Albert Einstein

Last weekend I ventured to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. This day trip was exciting as I saw my first Australian animals, as well as some aboriginal culture. Different animals that I saw included koalas, kangaroos, dingos, and wallabies. As I walked around the sanctuary, lizards jumped out into the path and wild birds flew in the sky. I think I about died when I saw all of the koalas sleeping in trees and eating eucalyptus leaves...they were so cute! In addition to seeing koalas, we were able to go into a large fenced off area and pet kangaroos. Most of them just laid around and others waited for people to feed them.

                          (Picture I submitted for class)                               (Joey)

The first show we attended was the crocodile behaviour show where in addition to showing the feeding of two crocodiles, we learned about the Australian crocodile and its habits in the wildlife. 
(At first I thought it was fake, but it sure does move)

Next we walked back by the animal hospital where they rescue and rehabilitate injured animals from the wild. There were viewing rooms for surgery, unfortunately, there was no surgery going on, so we were not able to see that. The second show we attended was a bird flight show. Here different birds, which were not able to be rehabilitated, were shown to the public. I almost was nailed in the head by the wedge-tailed eagle as it flew onto the stage. In addition, there was a large pelican, black cockatoo, and even a wild kookaburra who wanted some lunch. 
                 (Wedge-Tailed Eagle)             (The wild kookaburra that wanted some lunch)

Finally, the day ended with an aboriginal dance show. This was fascinating to see as true aboriginals danced their tribal dances for various meanings. There was a welcome dance, spearing the fish dance, and a see you later dance. The instrument used in addition to singing was the didgeridoo-which was really neat to see. 

(Aboriginals; the didgeridoo is on the right)

This week also included my first experience of Australian Football League. This sport is not at all like American football or soccer; instead it is similar to rugby and is played on a circular field. It was quite an intense game as there were people compassionately cheering for both teams (similar to Packer/Bear rivalry).  

I cannot believe it is week four of fourteen here...the days are going by so quickly. I'm starting to get bogged down with assignments, thus not being able to travel as much, but hopefully things will clear up soon. There are numerous differences between classes here and back at home. The professors vaguely inform you of the assignments and what they want from you, so basically you have to keep sending them emails to get your questions answered. I have also found out that the writing style is a little different than what I would use back at Marian. Something that I find interesting is that you have to pay to print out I love Marian that much more for the fact that we don't have to pay to print. In addition, when it is time to turn in a paper, we must submit it to our blackboard and take a hard copy to the respective school our class is under. American students have found out how much they take the plagiarism policy here at Bond as teachers scan all papers through a system. Nevertheless, it is helping me to become a well-rounded student and preparing me for higher education.  

Below are some more photos that I took at the wildlife sanctuary...

                              (Koala)                               (Dingo)                     (Mama and Joey)

                           (Kangy...what one little Australian girl called a was so cute)

(My favourite picture of the day...why water a tree when you can water an emu!)

Next weekend I will be flying to another part of Australia, so stay tuned for that adventure. Please post any comments or questions below!

:-: Katie :-:  

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